Efficiently incorporate Quizizz Lessons into your teaching methodology, catering to both in-person and remote settings.

Imagine conducting a quiz in class, but instead of pen and paper, it’s a competition: a student battle royale. That’s the scene when you pass by a classroom using Quizizz. The excitement, the cheers, all stem from students seeing in real-time who’s leading as questions fly by.

Personally, I love Quizizz! I use it in all the classes I currently teach. Especially now, with remote teaching becoming the norm, Quizizz brings the friendly competition effect I typically have in my classes, but on their screens. My students love it and willingly attempt additional quizzes if they finish early.

Quizizz is incredibly user-friendly too. Once on the site, hit the big, inviting create button, name your quiz, choose the relevant subjects, and click next. On the next screen, pick your question type, from multiple choice to fill in the blanks or open-ended questions. Simply fill in the spaces, mark the correct answer, and you’re good to go. After clicking save, adding more questions is just as straightforward through the icons below your last question.

Ensure that your students are paying attention.

Certainly, don’t just share information – assess your students mid-Lesson! Incorporate knowledge checks that include multiple-choice questions or fill in the blanks to guarantee your students are actively engaged and attentive.

The exciting part? Now, you can SPIN THE WHEEL to randomly select one student from the entire class! Say goodbye to the dreaded Cold Calls—just Spin the Wheel and pick a student to take the spotlight in a fun game-show style!

Enhance in-class interaction through the use of questions.

In a live Lesson, enhance engagement with every student through our interactive question types.

Connect with each student in the classroom in real-time, even the shy and quiet ones, by integrating an open-ended question within your Lesson. Gather insights into concept understanding, vote on enjoyable topics, or foster healthy debates using poll questions.

If you haven’t already, you should explore the new Quizizz LESSONS feature! I’ve created a brief video that provides a glimpse into both the teacher and student perspectives during a Quizizz lesson!

Elevate your material’s appeal by weaving creativity and uniqueness into compelling slides.

Whether you’re guiding students through quadratic equations or immersing them in the world of Shakespearean literature, Lessons presents distinctive and captivating slides with our new animated Themes.

Navigate through the classroom chatter with a variety of media, incorporating images, audio, and video, to ensure that students stay engaged and interested throughout the learning process.

Delve deeper into your topic by embedding external sources, offering supplementary reading materials, references, and comprehensive explanations.

Revitalize your classroom by incorporating the best of online resources – add a YouTube video to explain a perplexing chemical reaction or integrate the Wikipedia page on Archimedes!

Returning to the classroom doesn’t equate to leaving behind the online sources that have enhanced learning over the past year. Whether it’s YouTube videos or website pages, all of these can be effortlessly embedded into your Lesson.

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The number of use-cases is beyond counting.

Lessons function as a versatile teaching tool, ideal for exit tickets, bell ringers, icebreakers, and more! Explore our curated templates for this back-to-school season and save yourself valuable time.

For additional ideas on content that can be integrated into Lessons, check out our blog on how to leverage Lessons before, after, and during class.

The realm of learning is dynamic and fast-paced, and we thrive on the challenge of student engagement. So, amid the excitement of in-person classes resuming and the myriad distractions, cut through the noise with Lessons.