How Do I Pick the Right Exhibit House?

Finding the right trade show booth builder is so important that almost your entire trade show performance depends on it. The choice varies from exhibitor to exhibitor as different businesses have unique brand requirements and demands. Some prefer rentals and some go for the custom trade show booth manufacturers. Therefore, you must have precise knowledge about your preferences, business goals, brand needs, and budget structure. The question now arises is how you will select the exhibit house of your choice. What are the main components that must be looked at before making any decision? In this blog, let us study the primary points that decide whether the booth builder is perfect for you. 

Key Component to Search for in an Exhibit House

Before you begin your search, conduct an in-depth analysis of your brand needs and budget structure. Then, research the options that come under your budget threshold. After that, narrow down your options using the points mentioned below: 

Industry Experience: 

When you hire a booth builder, you basically hand over your brand’s fortune to them. So, you definitely wouldn’t want to depend on a newbie for that. Thus, the very first aspect you must focus on is the core industry experience of an exhibit house. A booth builder with over two decades of experience will likely know more about display for trade show business than new ventures. Moreover, with time, reputed booth builders get global exposure and an in-depth understanding of industry rules, regulations, and standards. Additionally, you can ask them about their yearly projects to get an idea about their workflow. 

Check their Design:

Nowadays, every booth builder has a website where they showcase their portfolio and exhibition booth design ideas. So, you must visit their website and find out about their previous work and projects. Moreover, you must figure out whether the exhibit house has an in-house unit or they outsource it. It is important because in-house teams of booth developers enable exhibitors to save costs, get unified solutions, and improve their ROI. 

Check Client Testimonials:

Go over some reviews and client testimonials to see their performance in their past projects. For an exhibitor, not only the quality of work matters but also on-time delivery, on-site support, and overall professionalism. You must find out whether their teams are courteous, cooperative, and responsive. If you are hiring an end-to-end builder, find out whether they offer streamlined services and hassle-free trade show experience. 

Global Exposure: 

You might want to set up your exhibition booth builders at multiple locations. Thus, an ideal booth developer should have a vast network and reliable logistic facility to ensure on-time delivery. Some developers have their in-house logistic units, which further save shipping expenses and ascertain safe delivery. 

Pricing Structure:

Ultimately, it all comes down to their pricing. It is important to gather details about their pricing structure before you hire them. Find out whether the 40×40 booth display fabricators offer transparent prices, come under your budget, and hold no hidden charges. 


Hiring a professional for your booth development and design is a practical decision. Trade show business can be quite demanding and costly and requires in-depth knowledge and experience. Therefore, going for a reliable booth builder is a smart choice because it offers the much-needed ease and expertise you need. The blog elucidates the main characteristics you can focus on while choosing your developer. Set up a call with a prominent builder for trade show booth rental Anaheim and follow these points to know whether they are right for you.