Successful Localized Mobile Application Examples

In my opinion, the best way of knowing if something will be a success or not is based on previous case studies. Of course, each product or software is unique and has its own personality. But if the services are similar, then case studies of software localization services are viable examples of where you can stand by availing them. You see the advent of technology is constantly changing the world. Online service providers are more convenient and attractive options for users. A simple service when properly marketed and localized can turn into billion-dollar businesses. There are many messenger applications, but because of proper marketing and localization, Whatsapp stands out. 

Importance of Localization of Mobile Applications

There is so much competition in today’s market that to stand out, you need unique selling points. Moreover, you need to cater to the user’s preferences. Users always prefer more relevant and easier options. One reason why you will see China dominated by applications in Mandarin, and Spain dominated by Spanish applications. 

However, you can enter such markets if you can cater to their needs and go beyond what your competitors are offering. The PlayStore is a global application store accessible to all mobile users and the App Store is similar for IOS users. You only need to localize your products and descriptions to be relevant in multiple regions. 

Today, we will discuss the big names, the kings of software, and how their localization has reaped big rewards, thanks to mobile app localization services.


Successful Localized Mobile Application Examples

Let’s start with the example we all know, use, and love ‘WhatsApp’. You can say this application is a great example of software localization services done right. Not only can you select your preferred language on the application. You can also set the theme color, background images, and more to your liking. Any number you save has the country code addition through automation. You can also set up WhatsApp stores and target various audiences through adverts. There is a lot to like about WhatsApp localization efforts. 


Successful Localized Mobile Application Examples

It is clear to see that TikTok is the most popular application among the youth. The unique algorithms and natural reach option is phenomenal. This Chinese application offers you various language inputs, displays trends based on location, and is very personal for each user. Many applications similar to TikTok failed because no one could mimic the strategy as effectively as them. TikTok is a great example of mobile app localization services with maximum rewards. 

Google Maps

Successful Localized Mobile Application Examples

Nobody does it better than ‘Google’. The company has in-house teams and also hires renowned software localization services providers at times. Like most Google products, Google Maps is the most in-use navigation app in the world. Why though? Well, it’s simple, the application is available in various languages and the AI voice mimics your cultural tone nicely. The localization is so effective that it feels like home. You can find local points of interest and users share their experience of different locations. 


Successful Localized Mobile Application Examples

Many of you might not know this, but Instagram offers a localized version of the application interfaces in various regions. There is an option to choose from an array of different languages and you can utilize the location feature to find tailored content for various audiences. Instagram has availed similar mobile app localization services to Facebook. To be honest, all Meta applications have similar localization features. The entire Meta corporation offers a great case study of catering to the user and making profits. 


Successful Localized Mobile Application Examples

Duolingo is most people’s go-to application for learning a language. The localization is so effective that most companies, universities, and countries allow users to apply for various positions after securing a good score in the Duolingo tests. But this did not happen by accident, the company does rigorous efforts and constantly researches the market. Localized versions offer courses, accents, and interphases more suited to them. 


Successful Localized Mobile Application Examples

Many will agree that Netflix has changed the way we all view television. Cable TV takes the biggest hit here, but it takes guts to do what Netflix has done. Pioneers of streaming and experts of localization, Netflix has connected the world with various cultures. A prime example of localization done right. You can find programs in over 60 languages and from nearly 90+ countries. 


Localization of mobile and desktop applications can potentially be a game changer. More than often an application may not perform well in a particular region, but becomes viral in another. If you want to relate it to a more general example, we can also do that. Okay, take the example of Honda, the Japanese car maker. Honda is a luxury car in certain regions and in others, it’s a car parents buy for their teenagers. The car is the same but its value is different in various regions. Your applications are similar. Localizing them can help you maximize profits.